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Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many people can be added as champions? My group of champions is currently set at 180. I've added my champions to the list and as members of the SharePoint site, so they have access, but when they try to add points, they're not allowed. 


Does anyone have any insight?

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@Scarlett725 that should work fine. As the members, you’ve given them edit rights on the ChampionManagementPlatform SharePoint site that was created correct? If yes, do you get an error when someone logs an activity?


Also, is the manager (yourself / or whomever deployed the solution) able to record an activity?


Thanks in advance for the info! Also just FYI I moved your post to its own topic here in the forum.



I've done testing and proved out that this program is limited to 100 champions. Is there anything we can do to address this? PLEASE?! So to add to this post, yes, all of my champions have edits rights to the SharePoint site. 


What steps I took to prove this out. 

I added 100 people to my champion list on the SharePoint site. I checked with a few individuals who were on the list and each was able to record an event and see the leaderboard along with the Digital Badge. 


I added 5 more people to the member list. Each of those 5 people was only able to see the Leaderboard even though they had membership rights on the main champion list. Of those 5 people, one of them was me and I have owner rights on the SharePoint page and I am listed as a manager on the member list. 

So from what we saw, only the top 100 people added to your member list are added to your champion platform. It doesn't matter if the 101st person added has owner rights or manager rights. 

@Scarlett725 thanks for this info! Let me do some investigating and I'll get back to you on this!

@Scarlett725 just an update here, we've discovered the issue and testing the resolution now. Will share more very shortly with updated package that will address this issue.



Thank you for letting me know, Josh. My Digital Champion network is really looking forward to getting access to the system. We're a tad bit competitive. lol.

@Scarlett725 v1.3 which has the resolution to the 100+ members is now available! You can see more in the blog post here or jump right to GitHub to grab the version 1.3. Let us know how it goes, thanks!



@Josh Leporati 


I am excited to share that I've uploaded all 180 champions into the member list and I can see them in the app! I've added them as editors to the SharePoint site and tomorrow, we start testing. But being able to see 180 of them is a strong relief! YAAAAAAY! - So question, we tracked our points outside of the system, now in order to add them back in, I'm noticing that I need a memberID and EventID. Is that viewable anywhere or will I have to have my team manually load their items back in?




@Scarlett725 - that's awesome!!



That is viewable, the MemberID is a hidden field but if you go look in Member List -> list settings ->  Views -> All Items -> tick "ID", you'll then see the relation of Member to ID



Same process as above, but against the Events List


So, you could take the tracking external - build out same events in Champion Management Platform side, and then import that in using the MemberID / EventID to the Event Track List. We also added in pulling the member name and event name as text to make it easier to report right out of that report ... so you'd want to also have a lookup in your import or spreadsheet buildout so you bring that info in as well as on any next auto capture we'll write that data.


Let me know if the above makes sense!




The joy that I feel right now is really undescribable. Yes, it seems like it's weird to say that over something like this, but you have no idea how happy this makes me. I can re-launch this on time and with minimal issues on my side now.

Josh, seriously, thank you. This is solved all of my issues now. I'm extending a BIG virtual high-five.

@Scarlett725 thanks so much, virtual high-five returned and I've shared your feedback internally to the team!


This is why we build solutions to help inspire and execute! Please keep us updated with your journey and future feedback on new versions of the platform and how you see your group leveraging the platform!