Prototype of New Infographic to encourage end users to move from files shares to ODFB and SPO


I sketched this out one night earlier this week.  It's hand drawn. I'm no infograhphic artist, so I'm offering this up to the community to make it better.  It's 6 ways that OneDrive and SharePoint beat File Shares. The intent is to make users aware of and interested in moving their files off of network files shares and into either SharePoint (for team files) . Think of it as a flyer or poster you could hang up or hand out in your office.

Michael's Hand Drawn Infographic Idea on SlideShare


I bet @Deleted could make this awesome, but I suspect he's not the only infographic artist in our community. 


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This may do the trick, even if the name doesn't convince you at first (different intentions here). Look at the bottom, particularly.

The Document Circle of Life does a great job clarifying when to use OneDrive vs when to use SharePoint.
For the infographic I am envisioning, I wanted to focus on the advantages of both tools over file shares more. First we have to get users interested in moving their files off of their shared network folders and then they have to understand which (SP or OD) should be the destination.

Your infographic makes me think that I should drop the point about file previews for example and talk up the greater protection for sensitive info.
For everyday users, they don't care about protection of sensitive info. In fact, protection is a barrier for them ("why is it so hard to share files with external people?" is a complaint I get on the regular). The WIIFM portion of the circle of life is the bottom. Those 8 features I cover on the bottom are the reasons no one should ever want to use a shared drive again. You could even crop just that and call it a makeshift version of what you're looking for.

@Michael Blumenthal this is great !  I took some notes with some pictures-