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Hello All


Does anyone know of any good videos which could be played on a stand without any audio to promote Office 365 and it's apps please?




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Hi @Jenny Neal ,


Recently I used this short simple animation video on the digital screens that are located in all levels of the organisation's building within the kitchens where there is high traffic. It played on loop with no sound: Welcome to O365

Hello @Jenny Neal 


In the Office 365 Training Center you can find some videos, although none of them shows all the apps currently available in Office 365 in a single one, and you have to watch them by service.


Maybe the Office 365 basics section could be useful.


Hope it helps!


Hi @Jenny Neal I think all of the videos (whether they have sound) available in YouTube as intro's from Microsoft work just as well with sound turned off as on as they are all point and click style.

Go to, there are many different demos, some of them have PowerPoint click through with speaker notes and Videos that show someone else doing the demo. You can download them and display them where ever you want. They have varying lengths.

I get an error "you don't have access" to that URL - wonder if you need some special privileges? @Dean Gross 

@Michael Brannon Yes looks like you need to be on the MS Partner Network to access that content.  Does look like our Org is either.......