Partnership Opportunity: Horizon IT Seeks Collaboration as a Sales Arm for Microsoft Projects

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Hello Microsoft Community,

I’m Bassem Hamdy, founder of Horizon IT, a pioneering company based in Egypt with a footprint in the Gulf and Turkey. At Horizon IT, we specialize in leveraging the power of AI and satellite imagery to offer innovative solutions in telecommunications, space exploration, and digital transformation services. With over 30 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge technology, we have built a robust platform that harnesses Microsoft technologies to enable organizations to create flexible work environments and enhance operational efficiency.

As we continue to expand our services across Africa and the Middle East, we are looking to deepen our collaboration with Microsoft. We propose to act as a dedicated sales arm for Microsoft projects, focusing on sectors where we have a strong presence and can add significant value. In turn, we seek a partnership where Microsoft can support us as a technical arm, providing the expertise and solutions needed to ensure the success of these projects.

Our vision is to combine our expertise in AI, GIS services, and remote sensing with Microsoft’s technological prowess to deliver unparalleled value to our customers. We believe this partnership can lead to innovative solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of businesses in our target markets.

We are keen to discuss how we can make this collaboration work to our mutual benefit and are open to any technical support and guidance Microsoft can offer to ensure the seamless delivery of projects.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We are excited about the possibility of working together to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact.

Best regards,

Bassem Hamdy
Founder, Horizon IT
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