Outlook and overall Migration to Office 365

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A quick question about where I can find good information on Outlook and overall Migration to Office 365? I specificaly need to identify how I may be able to quantify the effort involved.

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Are you looking to scope effort/hours for an internal project? or quantify effort to turn into a price for external customers?

Quantify effort to turn into a price for external customers? I have already committed to this project with the help of reviewer on my proposal. I am still struggling with the migration from a hosted Exchange to 365 Exchange migration

Anthony, this sounds like your first migration project. I recommend you connect with one of the third party migration tool vendors (my preference is SkyKick or MigrationWiz). Both have excellent resources to help with your first migration including pricing/time estimating and both handle the migration of data from Exchange on prem mailboxes into Office 365 mailboxes really nicely.


Sonia, DO you think these tools and migration not from on prem exchange but another exchange service provider will be similar?


I will look into these tools

Anthony, yes they are. Both Skykick and MigrationWiz handle migrations from on-prem Exchange, hosted Exchange, Imap/Pop & Google (though with differing levels of capability depending on the source system - see each tool for more info).