Office 365 Update Series: November 2017 Edition Now Available


Welcome of the Office 365 update for November of 2017. This video covers topics including the Ignite conference, intelligent communications announcements, updates, LinkedIn integration, and more. The transcript, including links to additional information on everything we cover, can be accessed by heading over to our brand new companion blog at


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I was watching the December update (thank you for posting it!) and you mentioned there something that we  knew from MS announcements that will go away, and you recommended TechNet. But on our O365 Admin portal we received an announcement that TechNet retires, and all the content will be moved to "We're moving TechNet to" I checked and and are different locations, but it will be nice to know Microsoft strategy on where they are going to publish for a long term their adoption content. In our communication to end users we usually refer to links provided from Microsoft. But if these links change, we need to make sure to update the links to the correct and more permanent location.

Thank you!

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It's a good point Svetlana, I think the Message center post could have been a bit clearer. is shutting down and doesn't really come into it, as it was standalone service that was retired after the LinkedIn acquisition and Slideshare must have been deemed to be a suitable replacement. (DCM) is the next generation Microsoft documentation platform, which started with just a few topics but over time has grown with more areas. It has many useful features - Introducing, my favourite being the option to download content to PDFs.


Microsoft Teams documentation was moved to DCM not so long ago and now TechNet content is on its way.   I think it will be much of the content here - Office Products and you can already see many of these headings on DCM, though most of it still redirects to TN for now.  By the looks of those headings, it will include some content as well.


Either way, all the links after they are moved will still work as they will get redirected, so it has no impact as such and I am sure things will be clearer nearer the time.

@Svetlana Avramova


Sorry for not being more clear.


@Cian Allner,


Thanks for jumping in and providing much needed clarification.