Office 365 poster for user adoption usage


Explaining Office 365 to end users can be hard some times. I created a little poster that explains the basics (no - not all :) )

 Office 365 overview.png



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I think this is a great and simple visualisation, but my recommendation would be get rid of some of the dot points that cannot be quantified and don't really explain things. For example:
Outlook: "Increase collaboration due rich integration" - integration with what?
OneNote: "Your digital portfolio" - what does that mean to most people? I would focus on the fact it's a digital notebook and go from there.
Teams: "Create channels in teams" and "Extend your teams" - what does this mean to people who don't know what channels are, and I'm really at a loss as to what the second one means
SharePoint: "Create beautiful news pages" - perhaps focus on the sharing of news and information, instead of how it looks, and "Work like a pro!" - what does this mean? How does SharePoint do that over the other apps?

Don't get me wrong, this is a great diagram - I just think it needs some tweaking.