Office 365 document management / user adoption challenges - Is this the right place to share?

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Hi, I have a few Office 365 document management and user adoption challenges that I would like to share and get some feedback on and I was wondering if this was the right place to share them. 

These challenges are mostly related to how users are working with documents (Office and PDF) in SharePoint, Outlook and Teams.

We seem to run into these challenges over and over again, when moving from file shares / drives to Office 365. 

They have more to do with the fact that the users require a specific usage / behavior that they currently are using and do not feel that moving to Office 365 is improving those scenarios. I some cases we agree but in others we disagree.

I just wanted to share those scenarios and get some feedback discussions on that.

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Hello there @Sigurjon Hakonarson 
I would love to discuss these challenges you are facing! 

What exaclty seems to be the issue? Are users not feeling that working with PDF documents in SharePoint/Teams works well/up to their needs? 

Thank you in advance. 

Kind regards
Oliwer Sjöberg