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Hi All- We are getting ready to launch our new intranet. Our company has just rolled out O365 but most employees don't really understand it. Our intranet will highlight O365 in ways it's never been noticed before. So I wanted to publish some daily tips. I've looked around at some but they seem more angled at tech people rather than the average laymen user. Does anyone have resources on tip ideas? The intranet is built on SharePoint with Yammer embed so tips on those tools are most salient, but simple tips on O365 are also helpful. Thanks!

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Some we have used:


1. Drag - drop options on attachments in Outlook online

2. Use of Skype Broadcast

3. Skype live polling

4. Using conferencing phones for a Skype meeting using Y connector

5. Preparing meeting contents in advance

6. Use of explorer view to move contents easily


lot more out there...

Add OneNote to a calender item (every participant can see the agenda and minutes)

Print to OneNote (so you can read stuff later and...... it saves paper)

Findtime (very cool for people who have to bring people together)


Katie, Better Cloud do a great job of putting out regular tips and SaaS update news. 

I subscribe to their emails and am always finding little tips & hints to share with my networks.



Well, I had to google Findtime as I'd never heard of it. It looks amazing!
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Here's some starting points, Katie


Good series of articles about using O365 in a practical way


And a great guide with loads of ideas in this whitepaper:


Focus on what value O365 can bring to users in their day to day work. "X easy ways to manage meetings" for example.


Great! Thx

Yay Andrew!!! This seems promising!

FindTime is a great little feature.

Boomerang is also available as a free add-in in the store for more free/busy sharing options which all work externally.



Hi Katie - I would recommend checking out the tips and tricks email series templates the Office 365 team has made available for customers to send internally to their end users, highlighting Office 365 use cases and "how to" guidance. 


If you go to the Microsoft FastTrack website per the url below, you will find these emails under the "Events" heading for each of the six end user scenarios (Get it done, On the go, etc.) profiled on the site.  

Throughout my years of being a SharePoint and Office 365 trainer, I have always been trying to get the info/tips closer to the end user just-in-time of need instead of getting the end user to have to go to the info or get it in their mailbox.

Don't get me wrong, I think publishing out tips through email / newsletters is much better than having users fend for themselves. However, when possible, I advise folks to get the help/tips/training content directly in front of the user when they are using the relevant piece of Office 365. It has shown to be Much more impactful to get users the help they need in-context of their work environment.

OR better yet, if using videos from YouTube, embed them on a Wiki SP page on you Intranet - I know when I go to YouTube that I start watching all sorts of other stuff, short as it might be, the idea is to focus your user on a specific tip.