Next Microsoft 365 Champion Call / September 16


Greetings, Champions. It's almost time for the next monthly call. Join us on September 16th and learn about these exciting topics:

  • What you can expect at Microsoft Ignite
  • A demo of the Virtual Hub, a new resource we’re bringing to
  • A deep dive of the Virtual Event Playbook


For more information on the monthly calls, including the ability to download ICS files to your calendar, please visit this site: Microsoft 365 Champion Call Resources | Microsoft Adoption


We hope to see you there! 

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Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

I joined the second call at 5pm but guess it wasn't live in the sense no-one was there to answer a question I posted. It would be good if that was made clearer that the second one is just a playback recording only. My question was: As a Champion a key part of the role is to support my colleagues to adopt the new technology and move to new ways of working. Ignite focuses quite heavily on products and update which of course is key but as a Champion I would like to see more around adoption such as how to overcome resistance management; how to facilitate identifying business scenarios etc relating back to your Servie Adoption framework. Is this something your looking to do more in future Ignite events?

@EllenAdams just a quick message to say thank you for this month's call. This was the first Champion's call I have attended and I really enjoyed it. I think the Virtual Event playbook will have some great nuggets of help for areas of our business investigating virtual events.

@Nav_Loyall both sessions every month are live with a moderator to watch the Q&A. We apologize that your question was not answered but it did not surface in the Q&A panel for some reason, and therefore we didn't see it. I will make sure our team sees this question and responds as soon as possible. Thanks for joining us on the call and we hope to see you next month!


CC: @Karuana Gatimu 

Hi @EllenAdams 


I wasn't able to attend yesterday. Can you remind me where/how to access a recording please?

Hi @AndreaWestbrook , the video will be posted here It hasn't been uploaded yet, but make sure you watch it as there is an exciting nugget now available for us all.

@PEPA_Healthcare, could you please let me know when the September call recording has been uploaded to  I'm sorry I missed the call but am looking forward to catching the "exciting nugget" :thumbs_up:



By the way, that page still says the 'upcoming call' is on 16th September and the 'download the next call' links seem to be for the August call.