New Outlook user guide?

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Is there a good Microsoft / / article that is all about the you did it this way in classic Outlook, this is where you find it in new Outlook?


I've very much like to start prepping my organization, but it would be helpful if I didn't have to create all the assets from scratch.

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@arinkomins Hey, there's not a lot out there but have a look at these articles:

Just a heads-up that the feature parity isn't there and some workflows can be dealbreakers or frustration points for users that may be heavily invested in how they use things like tasks, Outlook templates, and OneNote integration.

Hopefully we see more updates in the coming months.

I hear you! It's why I'm looking for better assets / hoping the Microsoft adoption folks get something much better put together.

I honestly just want the option and assets to allow people who *wish* to try it out to be able to do Copilot for MS 365 isn't available for classic Outlook yet (to my understanding.)

Hi @arinkomins,


I have a video playlist dedicated to New Outlook that you may find helpful.
Each month, I give an update and demo on new features.

Also, check out the Community Tab. I will be adding more content in the new year.

Thanks Teresa, but I'm looking for print, not video.