New Office 365 Adoption Guide from Microsoft


I am pleased to share our new Office 365 adoption guide here:  You can also find on our FastTrack public website:

In the guide you will find:

• Our end to end methodology for driving adoption success
• Adoption best practices
• Prescriptive guidance on how to do some of the tasks/activities we suggest customers do as part of their rollout
• The voice of successful customers throughout to share their best practices


Welcome any feedback. 


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Excellent work Matt. That is quite a comprehensive guide and very useful. Glad to have helped in a very tiny way!

Nice to have a great guide!

Awesome! I can't type that like I'm saying it. Smiley Very Happy  Very excited to use this material with our clients. 

Excellent piece of work!!!

Sure wish the download link worked. "This site can't be reached"
And why are the broken images on the FastTrack site not getting fixed? It's been that way for about a week.
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Not for me.


Looking closer, this also explains why the images on the FastTrack website are broken from me. Somehow, it looks like downloads are being blocked coming from that domain.


It must be my Meraki firewall. I have a problem downloading an update package for some desktop software I use. Those files come from a different location so it must be something about how the files are being sent.


This is weird.

Turns out the IP address behind has been categorized by Meraki (or wherever they get their data) as in the Malware category. To get around it I put the domain on the whitelist.

Hi Chris, are you now able to access the guide? 


Is anyone else experiencing issues with the link?



Thanks for this new guide, it looks great!

Great work thankyou!

Hi Matt.  Thank you.  This guide is extremely helpful.  When comparing to a prior version of the adoption guide, I noticed that the new guide does not specifically discuss the need to create a vision statement.  Is there a reason why that was removed?

Hi Mark - Thanks for the feedback.  Glad the guide is helpful.


We removed the reference to a visioning excercise as we received feedback from a lot of customers that they were confused by this a bit, or felt it was redundant to identifying and prioritizing scenarios - where time is spent envisioning what business objective the organization is focused on with Office 365. 

Very comprehensive. Whats missing are all the decks that help with things like facilitating workshops on Vision/Objectives or Scenario Prioritisation. What happened to these on the FastTrack Centre?

@Matt Wolodarsky Too Good.


Thanks for the doc.

@Matt Wolodarskygreat guide and very useful, thank you!

I was wondering, is there is a newer version of the guide avail?

Yes we discussed the new adoption guide in this month's Champion community call. You can find the information in the post with the link to the Community Call resources. We'll be doing a dedicated blog post and more announcement about it shortly.

Thank you @Karuana Gatimu! Looking forward reading the dedicated blog post.