Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA)

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Has anyone used the MOCA Application to help with the Adoption of Microsoft Technology? It seems like a great tool, but before exploring it further I am hoping to gather some use cases. 

Have you used this application?
If not, what stopped you?
If so, has it been helpful?

Any best practices you have gained?

I appreciate your time and expertise!

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@jamielwatson hey, I haven’t used the application itself. But just a heads up that Rishi Nicolas was working on updating the MOCA with some copilot elements. I think he mentioned it was going to be coming out soon. If you’re not already following him on LinkedIn, here’s his profile where he posted some of the initial concepts for the updates.

Thank you so much Ben!
@HelloBenTeoh is right that Rishi is working on updates. We are planning to release them in the fall. The app also needs an update so I might pause on the application part. The overall framework is really helpful, especially for other champions looking for a way to explain, "what tool when".
Yes! Thank you for this info!