Mobile Adoption? Anyone crushing it?

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Hi All - Any suggestions on how to drive adoption of the mobile apps?  I have searched for QuickStart guides on the mobile apps and seem to be coming up empty handed.  We are an organization of around 50 people and everyone continues to use the "native" apps on iOS and Android - so they are missing out on some of the great features of Office on their mobile device of choice.  


If you've driven some success here I would love to hear from you!



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@Reed Wilson 


My biggest gripe is that MS still doesn't have a video showing you what their Teams mobile app can do. I had to tell people how much better the Outlook and Teams app were before others believed me. For starters, I shared this article with them. 

Once they realized that it wasn't just another "app" they started to use the app instead of native. 

This is from MS about their Outlook app. 

Try letting them know what's better about the apps and see if that helps. It did for me.