Microsoft service adoption Teams - ideas for a treasure hunt/interactive workshops?

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Hi! I'm following the learning about Microsoft service adoption, in the section create a program to promote the adoption of the services, there is an example related to the creation of events, interactive workshop and treasure hunt! that is really interesting. are there some example of treasure hunt created in teams to help users find and discover from them selves interesting features or learn how to use Teams? also examples of interactive workshop or exercises with little rewards or recognition could be interesting! Thank you!

other thing the page to find the example of a survey is not working (  it would have been interesting see an example of survey in order to measure satisfaction and progress against your benchmark for user adoption, any tips?  

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Yes, same for me.  @microsoft - can someone fix this and get the link working?


Played the Teams Escape Game and found it very great to let users discover features by themselves!

@JuMeu did you use the Teams Escape Game at your organization? I'd love to learn about your experience as it looks intriguing!

I'd love to hear about your experience too! I'd not seen the escape game and it looks like a really fun way to learn.
Hi @Igariano and @StoryAngel,
Unfortunately, I personally did not get the chance to let it play at company level. However, I had the chance to play it myself with a few colleagues to test it. The game really walks you through all the Teams basics (posts, channels, chats, co-editing, tabs, etc.). I highly recommend it for users who are new to Teams or only using Teams for calls and meetings. Letting people play the game upfront of a more formal training would definitely inspire them about Teams capabilities. I believe Xylos (the company delivering it) has now deployed two scenarios and is currently building a more "advanced" version of the game to introduce gamification later in the adoption process. In terms of pricing, if I am not mistaken, you buy a number of credits and every time someone starts or joins the game, one credit is used. Hope this helps :)