Microsoft Learning Pathways for Digital Badging

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I'm looking to implement learning paths for our faculty and staff here at Coppin State University with different Microsoft Office software. For example 1 badge would be a basic level Microsoft Word badge. Are there any pre-built learning paths out there that are a little more in depth than the training center, and how many courses would you suggest as completion to receive the badge. Any advice helps. 


Thank you!

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@Darrell_A I like this idea a lot.  We have a subscription to Brainstorm learning videos and have the ability to grant badges within that.  It doesn't look like there is a common number of videos to complete to earn a badge.  For them it looks like it is defined based on completing a skill path or collection of videos.  I think I would look more at investment of time.....if someone completes an hour worth of training - I think that should get them some recognition.

@Allison Koch Hi Allison, 


I haven't had any luck finding some one who has implemented something like this so I will attempt to build it out. We put together the training (face to face or virtual) and would like to give our staff and faculty more of an incentive to attend training through a learning path approach. I have began looking into ways that I can build this out using the new Microsoft Learning Pathways SharePoint site. 


Thank you for your feedback. I do love that ideas as time is precious to everyone, and I do not want to overwhelm them!