Microsoft Ignite: Plan to drive value and user adoption in Microsoft Office 365


Greetings all! For those of you coming to Ignite, I hope to see you there at my session: "THR2003: Plan to drive value and user adoption with Office 365". We'll cover the top challenges to driving usage and practical things you can do to realize the value in your Office 365 investment.


Drop me a question or a note if you have any comments or questions about this subject. I'd love to hear from you.


See you in a couple weeks!



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Hello Erik,


I'm curious to hear about what you think are the top drivers of Office 365 adoption.


Anything you can share here 'before' Ignite..?

Thanks for posting Erik! 


Your session and slides (when slides are available) will be posted here in the MIcrosoft Ignite Content community area. 


Can't wait for your session!

Hey Asif, thanks for reaching out. Withouth stealing my own thunder Smiley Very Happy, I can say that having a clear vision for what business benefit(s) would be achieved and quantify those benefits is key. These benefits align to areas such as becoming more agile, reducing costs, improvements in service quality, etc.


How we get there is a combination of several factors including awareness campaigns and training plans that are developed from clear business scenarios and supported by great exectutive sponsorship.


I'll go into much more detail, but these are some of the factors that our customers have been successful with.



I can't wait either. I wonder what I'll say! Cat LOL


Thanks for the reply Erik. See you at Ignite.

For those interested, there is a Community-led meet-up to chate about Adoption happening on Friday at breakfast. Hope to see you there as well! Here's the info

Lana, assuming this open to all? I would love to join in

Happy Monday morning everyone! I wanted to update you on this session. Due to huge demand for this session, we've moved it from a theater presentation to a breakout session. The new session number is BRK2298.


Please make note of the change and I hope to see you there!