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Hi all! We are currently setting up our Champions community at my organization. I wanted to post in here to get ideas from you all about how to engage champions consistently. How do you keep champions engaged at work? What events do you host with them. Any ideas on this would be great. Thank you!

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Hi Will. I am still working on getting this implemented, but we are invited our early adopters to instructor led training on OneNote, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and will begin new courses in 2023. My hope is to give them credit for attending courses through the Champion app and then encourage them to talk about how they are using those skills in their specific business units. I also want to give points to people for doing quick tech tip demos to kick off their business meetings.
Hi Will,
I run a similar program to Mica's. We have 42 departments and most departments have at least 2 champions. I host monthly awareness/adoption sessions with them covering the M365 tool sets. Sometimes I lead the session and sometimes I have a MSFT trainer join me. I always record these learning events and have built out a SPO space for resources and blogs.
I typically get over 100 attendees.
I also host a weekly "office hours" session which is an open door, informal event and any user can drop in and ask any related M365 questions.
I really like Mica's idea with challenging them to share tech tips in their team meetings!
This has been weel received and my champions are always grateful for the knowledge.
Good luck in getting your program launched.
Happy New Year!

@WillDeHaan We are starting to develop our Adoption program at my current organization. One of the things we are looking into is a rewards program for our adoption specialists. This way we will be able to incentivize their training classes, quick reference guides, etc... 

Hi Melodie,
We have a champions network as well. Can you tell me what you share in the awareness/adoption sessions you host?