Looking for Resources to better Introduce Office/Microsoft 365 Groups to New Users

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Hi All,


I'm wondering if anyone has any good examples, tips or resources to help explain how Groups works to new users.  


This video from Collaboration Coach helped me understand it back in the day, but this method doesn't fit well into how I deliver training.  I like the short-and-sweet approach to the explanation, so that's what I try to bring into all of my sessions.

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Hi@AlexH980 ! 


A short and Sweet slogan is always good to start with. 
"Office 365 Groups - The backbone of modern Collaboration"


Office365 Groups is the main component in Microsofts Modern Collaboration "suite"

It brings most components of Office365 together and makes working together easier. 


When you Create a Office365 Group you can get

  • A Mailgroup with all the members 
  • A shared Calendar 
  • A SharePoint Teams site 
  • A Team OneNote workbook
  • A Team Planner
  • Teams - Teams is the Hub for making things easier and more friendly for the end users 

When Teams-Enabling an Office365 group you will get all the above from pretty much the same front-end.. the Teams application. 


So how it works is that you combine a bunch of people in a group, and give them a space to collaborate easier, and to implement the different tools Microsoft has to offer, into one space instead of having to share different documents, sites, mails back and forth. It's all there :) 


Let me know if you need more information! Or if I can clarify anything, I just wrote this on top of my head. 


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Oliwer Sjöberg