Looking for customer feedback on Microsoft's Office 365 adoption methodology and supporting content


Hi - I work within the Office 365 Customer Success team in the Product Marketing Group at Microsoft.  I am responsible for developing of our Office 365 adoption methodology and supporting resource.  I would be very interested in getting some feedback from customers or partners who are familiar with these resources, and/or have an interest in this topic and would be willing to review some of these resources.  It would be extremely helpful for me to get this input so we can build content that is most helpul to you in your efforts to drive adoption of Office 365.


The content I am referencing can be found on http://fasttrack.office.com in the "Envision" and "Drive Value" resource section. 


Please let me know if you are interested in providing this sort of feedback. 


Thanks in advance. 

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I am interested.  I am having such a hard time keeping up with all the great new stuff.  All our North American offices just re-affirmed committment to 0365 so adoption is on everyone's radar.


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Hi Matt

I also have an interest in this area and am willing to help.

Hi Matt

User adoption is my job and I would appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Regards, Judith.

I'm driving for change, working smarter and implementing a virtual learning in a school in the uk where I teach. I'm in.

Would love to participate. Just starting engaging with Fast Track team. User adoption has been an issue where I work, trying to implement new strategies from what i learnt at Ignite.

I would love to help - count me in. Heavily focused on adoption, change management and driving behavioural change so eager this area expands - cheers

Hi Matt


A bit late to see this but my company Combined Knowledge is on the fast track and focused on adoption and productivity products and services. I am also an MVP and Regional Director so would be happy to help you with any feedback.



Hi Matt,

I'm also interested in getting involved in this area and collaborate with you all.


I would also like to help, if still applicable.



I would also like to help, if option is still open.



Hi Matt,


if you are still looking for input i'd be very interested in getting involved here.