Looking for Adoption Guidance for Office 365? How about over 100 pages with SAMPLES?


What adoption tips, ideas and approaches have you used? There are great resources available at Success.Office.com (or FastTrack) that I know I would recommend as a great start. Just in case that isn't enough for you though... what else do you use?


After many long hours we have tried our best to compile many approaches and resources that we have seen work into an 80+ page whitepaper on "Driving Office 365 Adoption & Usage". It can be found at http://Office365Campaigns.com.


Whitepaper - Adoption First Page.jpg


Within it you will find all sorts of guidance - but in particular detailed guidance on how to actually improve and plan for adoption using adoption campaigns. Including how to define tips, contests, training, communication and more to effectively improve Office 365 adoption.


Adoption Plan Sample.jpg


That's not all. We realized that 80 pages weren't enough. So we also released a few supporting resources with EVEN more content and guidance.


These additional resources are available in our “Office 365 Success” Resource Kit at http://Office365Resources.com. (Think of a zip file of various samples and guides - with many more to come).

  • Quiz Contest Samples & Guidance For Office 365 - Running a quiz contest can help improve organizational understanding, awareness, and readiness around Office 365. This resource contains a sample quiz and additional quiz questions for Office 365.
  • Contests, Challenges & Ideas For Office 365 - Running contests or challenges can help reinforce the tips you communicate in adoption campaigns. This resource contains a listing of sample contests and user challenges.
  • Survey Sample & Guidance For Office 365 - Surveys can help improve organizational understanding, awareness, and readiness. They help provide insight based on participation of a targeted user group to improve the roll out of Office 365. This resource includes a few sample surveys and survey guidance.
  • Office 365 Success Readiness Questionnaire - This questionnaire is designed to collect the information needed to support the construction of a governance plan and an adoption plan tailored for Office 365.


What about the resources you use? What are some great ones we should add to the resources section of the whitepaper? What did we miss and what else should organizations know?



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Great resources! Thanks for posting!