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I was recently able to share the new list experience with a few users in our organization who upon seeing, knew it would change the way they work forever more.  It is why I love championing good products. People see something and light up!


This team is going to build a few lists for work they share across their team and immediately latched on to the Power Automate functions they saw. WIN!!!


Is anyone else seeing widespread adoption of lists and automate?  Is it going well or are they running into issues in automate? How are you managing the adoption? Have they broke anything you regret letting them access? Any advice is appreciated.

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@Tabitha One thing I have found that when end users start to adopt M365 technology, you will have to become an expert quickly. They will ask you questions and you need to know the answer. Adoption of lists and automate has been a good sign at my previous employer. Once they realized that they could automate workflows, it gave end users inspiration on what they could do.


Just get governance wrapped around everything quickly. It will be hard to control the sprawl if you don't do that step very soon.

  • @Tabitha Power Automate has a few major risks...
  1. A user is limited to 2,000 API calls per 24 hour period. Simplistically an API call is any step the flow performs (although a step may perform more than one API call), so if a user has 5 flows, and each does 20 steps per flow run, and you run them more than 10 times a day, then all the flows for that user just stop... so you have to ensure that no users exceed these limits or you will need to buy additional licensing or recreate the flows using service accounts.
  2. Flows stop when the user who created the flow leaves the organization... again you can mitigate this with the use of service accounts
  3. Power Automate is meant for personal productivity. It can be used for team, or even enterprise apps, but you have to make sure you have governance in place. Installing the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence Kit is a good place to start.