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I am building an internal site for my company and have added the Learning Pathways web part. In order for users to view the content in the web part, I added them as a Site Visitor to the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site. However, I do not want users to visit (or even know about) the Learning Pathways site as I don't intend on building it out. Unfortunately, the Learning Pathways site displays on the SharePoint Start Page that all users have. Is there a way to allow users to view the content in the Learning Pathways web part without giving them access to the entire Learning Pathways site, or am I expected to build the site out?

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@Karuana Gatimu Are you able to assist with this?
@Josh Leporati Are you able to assist with this?

I agree,@CKWGA , it would be a good thing if we could optionally hide the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site from showing up on the SharePoint Start page. 

@Judith Schütz Are you using the Learning Pathways web part without the associated Learning Pathways web site? For now, the web part meets our needs.

@CKWGA, yes, the M365LPW site is used only by the learning staff who configures the learning paths. End-users have a separate Corporate Learning site (also on SharePoint, but a different site collection from the M365LPW site) where they consume the prepared learning paths via the M365LPW webpart that we added to this Corporate Learning site.

From your question I gather you have the same set-up?

Yes, very similar - I'm the one configuring the Learning Pathways and the actual content (web part) is on a separate site. I'm glad to see we aren't the only ones using Learning Pathways in this manner.
Not sure if this has been resolved, but you can add the LP web part as an app to other SharePoint sites that you DO want staff visiting. So you're NOT limited to the Learning Pathways out-of-the-box site.

Test this well because I didn't do much beyond adding the web part to a random team site.
Thank you for responding. I originally added the Learning Pathways web part to our own SharePoint site that we want employees to visit; however, employees couldn't see the content associated with the Learning Pathways web part until I assigned them "Site visitors" permissions in the actual Learning Pathways site. It seems the web part and the Learning Pathways site are connected in regards to permissions.
Ah ha. I just tested on my end and ran into the same issue as you.

I suppose if the LP site is needed to work, then you can lock down navigation so people can't go beyond the landing page. Leave a link to re-direct them to where they should be.
I'm glad you were able to recreate this and see the dilemma that some of us are having. That is a good idea you provided and I will look at doing that. In the meanwhile, I do wish someone from Microsoft would respond to this thread.
As this is related to Learning Pathways, you may get a better response to your original question from the LP team's Github: https://github.com/pnp/custom-learning-office-365/issues
Thank you! I wasn't really aware of this as I thought questions, etc. were supposed to be posted here. I'll definitely check this out!
HI there and sorry we missed this post previously but the community itself has come to the rescue again. First off YES you should ask questions here in this forum. Our GitHub is for bugs and issues so you are in the right place.

Secondly, you as the owner of the main LP site will always see it in the start page but if other people do not have permissions they won't. That page is customized based on your permissions.

Lastly, implementing the webpart on other pages is the #1 way most people use M365LP and a recommended configuration. It's excellent to use a deep link to a particular playlist, or especially a custom one you've created for a particular task/role/product and put it where people already are.

Let us know how it's going!!

@Karuana Gatimu Unfortunately, It doesn't appear that users can have access to the Learning Pathways web part (in other words, they can't view the content) unless they have access to the Learning Pathways site. If there is a way to provide content to users through the Learning Pathways web part without giving them access to the Learning Pathways site, can you please share that? Thank you.