Learning pathways - Any helpful 'How to' videos?

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My team have just started using Learning pathways. We've found it to be a really useful tool so far, not only to build paths using Microsoft content, but to author pages using our own. 

I was wondering how other organisations have been using Learning pathways, and what they think of it - What works well, what to avoid, etc.


Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello - I've used the MLP at two organizations, and I appreciate the way it allows you to create a learning experience tailored to your end users. It also integrates with Viva Learning, if you use that in your org.

Things we love about it

  • I used the MLP as a SharePoint communication page. Making it the "go to" place for all things Microsoft. They can access our Viva Engage community from the MLP as well. 
  • We created curated playlists for new hires, for monthly marketing campaigns, and for admin assistants.
  • We also allow other departments to use the MLP web-app as part of their departments SharePoint sites.
  • We also created a Teams app for the MLP to ensure our users were accessing it from Teams.
  • Use created a Teams template that has the MLP as a tab in the general channel. This allows our users quicker access to the MLP. Once the team has reached a standard adoption / usage rate, they can delete the tab and use the app on the left rail. 

Things we avoid

  • Creating custom learning guides. Use as much of the material available as possible. Remind your people if it's not in your environment, but listed on the instructions, that's okay. 
  • Not keeping content relevant. Or better yet, not reminding people it's there. 
  • Not having a plan for how we use the MLP. 

Honestly, the MLP is one of the best products available for training / marketing. It's flexible for anything you need to use it for.   

I found this on YouTube. Some of the videos that are available on YouTube about the MLP are older than a year, but this one is from seven months ago. I hope this helps.
What I have experienced is that companies will create their own branded experience using the videos from the adoption site but adding their branding to make it more personal. They intersperse these with gap content they have created themselves or from companies like Brainstorm.

Feel free to reach out if your looking for more specific information.