January's Champions' Call - Certification and Governance


Edit from original post:  This post is from 2019. For current information please review our blog and our main resources page at Thanks, Karuana



Looking forward to seeing everyone in this month's Champion's Community call.  As always we will have an AM and an PM session at the following links:


8am Call:

5pm Call:


We're going to discuss our Service Adoption Specialist online course and governance best practices from our new Adoption workshop. See you all there!  

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This is a great course which I completed earlier this month and essential if you are involved in the planning and roll out of Teams or Office 365. I would highly recommend attending this for anyone who has not taken this certification yet.
Did I miss seeing when the date of the call is?

what is the date and timezone for this call please.


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Hi @Andrew Adams @hulljohnc

Per previous correspondence, the dates are

• January 23rd
• February 20th
• March 20th
• April 17th
• May 15th
• June 19th

So Today 23rd ! - its in Pacific Time (PST).

Best, Chris

Thank you!! Just ran across this this am. This will be my first meeting.

Going to an IT-Security presentation in Stockholm tonight, but will watch the recorded version tomorrow

Is there an Outlook calendar invite for all of the monthly calls available so that we don't have to create our own?

Greetings. I am new to the group and enjoyed the call @ 0800. I am sorry but I missed when and where the slide deck and additional information, mentioned in the meeting, would be posted.


Thank you for your patience with a newbie  :)  I look forward to your response!


Rob, did you ever find an answer for this?  I have the same issue.  Missing these meetings because I do not have them on my schedule.  Would be great to get something for my calendar.  





Nope, I had to create my own calendar entries. Keep in mind the 8:00am and 5:00pm times are PST time zone.

@Karuana Gatimu 


Couple of things:


1. What time will this be occuring in Australia? If it is at 3am our time, will these sessions be recorded so we can watch them later? Can we find out ahead of time what the topics are so we can prepare questions to send to you before the "call"?


2. I have signed up as a new champion. Is this tech community forum the only place where champions hang out? Shouldn't there be a team or facebook or yammer group where we can chat to each other?


3. Is there some kind of capability that will let me know when new champion content is available to look at?


4. How do i connect with other champions?




@Sharyn_Mayne   HI there... Just a note that this post is from 2019 so make sure you are looking at the most recent conversations in this forum.  Now, on to your questions. 


All noted times are Pacific time (standard or daylight depending on the date).  Every call and deck is posted at our thread here (  Also that main page is where you'll find the list of topics for future meetings and a calendar you can overlay on your own.   You should also whitelist because that is the email address we send our newsletters from each month except December.   Most of my main posts go in the blog here so make sure you follow that along with the conversations here in the forum.  


We center all our conversation here in the Microsoft Tech Community and this is where you should connect with the other 25k Champions and Service Adoption Specialists.  There are other non-Microsoft groups elsewhere which I'm sure are awesome but this is the one I nurture on behalf of the official community.  It also makes it easier to find product and industry specific information in our other sister forums. 


Welcome and looking forward to you being a part of the community! 

Hi Karuana

Thanks for the response.

When i visit the Champions Corner ( the latest posts I see are from Jan 2019. There is nothing later. I have checked the filters, asked it to sort by latest but cannot see anything posted in the last year...

Also, the link you posted in this response just takes me to the general Microsoft Website. I tried searching here for champion resources but the search said there were no results.


I am afraid i just cannot figure out where to get all this cool stuff or access real time contact with the other champions.....




@Sharyn_Mayne  Please don't click on that link... Click on   All that is is a short link inside the Driving Adoption forum. That's the main forum that we are working from. The other is being depricated by February and the posts will be moved.  I see that in my prior post it added some extra characters at the end so it wasn't resolving but that should be fixed now.  The long link is:  here in our forum in case you have problems. 


Ask as many questions as you like!  We are here to help!

@Karuana GatimuI attempted to view/listen to champions call and received a message stating I need to contact presenter. I'm new to Microsoft Teams. How can I listen to Champions call?


Thank you in advance

James Loague

@Karuana Gatimu please ignore earlier message I've located another method to view video & listen to champions call. - James L