Is Microsoft Learning Pathways available in the Government Community Cloud (GCC)?

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Does anyone know whether Microsoft Learning Pathways is available in the Government Community Cloud (GCC)? 

If it is, then does the automatic provisioning service work for GCC or would it require a manual deployment?

If not yet available, is access in the GCC on the roadmap for Learning Pathways?

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Many thanks!


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I found out that Learning Pathways is available in GCC

Do you know if the content in Learning Pathways is customized to reflect GCC limitations? I know it says you can customize it to your tenant; I'm just wondering how much deviation will be required from the prepackaged content.

We've tried using the Customer Success Training before.
Even though our Global M365 Admins stressed we were GCC & gave them access to our tenant in advance of the training so they could tweak their lesson content, they presented material that reflected features not available in GCC. This resulted in a lot misinformation, causing end-user confusion and frustration.

@sd adm Hi!  The content in Learning Pathways is not customized to reflect GCC limitations/environment.  Also, new content in Learning Pathways has, thus far, been shown/visible by default - so in a GCC environment, and maybe others, you need to keep on top of what is being released (e.g. a new product) and hide it within the Learning Pathways admin page before your site users see it and get confused.


Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.