Is it worth it to use Yammer External Networks for champions?

Steel Contributor

Hi Fam,


Has anyone used (or planning to use) a Yammer external network to connect with Champions?  We do M365 training for various clients and I want to bring all of their Champions onto an external network that I can manage within my tenant.


The future of external networks in Yammer is unclear to me at this time.  It seems like Microsoft is encouraging admins to consolidate all of their external networks, so I'm concerned that I might be barking up the wrong tree.


I'm not even sure if the new Yammer UX is coming to external networks at this point.  There seems to be little evidence to support that idea (although I recall reading somewhere that it would).


Does anyone have insight or experience to know if using a Yammer external network is worth it to bring champions together across our clients?

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