Hughes Springs, TX

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If you get a chance Google it so you can see how small this town is, it's small.

We are about to go all out with Office 365. SharePoint-= Home Base, Datebase, data collections, floor base, and it can house just
about anything.

Teams= Company communications program done. I've been there six months, and it was not even my project. And might I add, I think mrosoft office 365 will give small business a tool that will help them bring down Goliath in one small collecve group.

Delve. I think it knows what projects I like to work on. Can we add an R2-D2 vocie to it?

Power Bi_Dashboards, KPIs, reports and that's only what I could Google and guickly learn. This will be my "dad's snow story" walking to school and how easy we have it. I can just hear me saying " I remember when it took me hours to build those pivot tables and HR reports".

MS Lens, One Drive - will reduce about 90% of our paperwork. Good deed, save the planet, and feel good story,Done. +could have been huge PR & HR points, if we didn't live in such a small town. Hey, at least we know we made an impact. Cricket, cricket.

Overall office 365 will be handling over half our plants processes from HR, production, maintenance, quality assurance, shipping, operational excellence, and employee engagement.

I would mention the amount of $$$$ we are going to save but, even I don't believe it.
I'll keep in touch cuz I'm going to need some help every now and then.
Same thing hear, if you have any questions or would like to know what I'm doing apply the tools or find work arounds with issues with in the categories I mentioned with Office 365, let me know.
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Still debating if I should roll out Apps with Powerapps or just stick to the list in SharePoint to process data on the floor. The PowerApps are cool and functionall but, I get the same results from SharePoint opened on an iPad, with less work.

@jz75455PowerApps is useful for requiring answers for some people and not others.  I hide my lists from my people and use only Access databases or PowerApps to manage how things are entered.  It also makes it much easier for my users as well.

Yeah you were right turns out that we're going have to use a little bit of both SharePoint and power apps.

We deployed 2 iPads on the floor today. we are running SharePoint and we were running two apps that we built. one was for the Jalapeno process, and the other app was to process potatoes.

Going forward, SharePoint will handle complex processes that have a lot of moving parts. I can have a page with multiple webparts pointing to different lists and access to workflows, SOPs, ànd video training.

PowerApp, is for everything eles lol.

We built a simple app to track our jalapeno process. It use to be done on paper and we wouldn't know how we were doing until the end of the shift, it's too late to make any changes at that point. With power apps, now we have a live dashboard that is updated every time an employee completes 25 pounds of processed jalapenos, and it looks pretty cool, it has pictures of jalapenos and our logo. For us, our logo on an app that we can use to process information on the floor, is pretty cool.

A lot to do and learn.