How to add M365 Usage Analytics PBI Report as tab in Advisor for Teams team? (permissions)

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Hi --


We are trying to leverage two key Microsoft adoption resources: M365 Usage Analytics and Advisor for Teams. We have created the team, and we have acquired the M365 Usage Analytics app.  We added a PBI tab in the team, but we seem to have a permissions issue -- other team members are unable to view the PBI tab content.  


We are skilled end users but not too experienced in Power BI.  I think what's happening is I'm forced to save the M365 Usage Analytics to MyWorkspace (to which team members lack permissions).  I'd like to publish to the Advisor to Teams workspace, so permissions take care of themselves as members are added to the Advisor for Teams team.  Yes/No?  


Would appreciate any and all guidance. 


@Karuana Gatimu, perhaps the M365 Usage Analytics documentation can be updated with step-by-step guidance (at least when Advisor for Teams exits preview).



Thank you!




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Hello Kris

Users who want to view the dashboard (so I guess all the members of the team) need to have a Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium license assigned. So it is not sufficient that only the user sharing the report has the pro license.


@Kris925  - I went through the exercise of setting this up on my Developer Tenant (E5 anyone can get if they are learning or testing, etc )  and in the process ran into issues that even I as a Developer and Architect required me to open a support ticket (no cost!) asking for a walk through to discover that the document was actually missing a step (updated since, thank you Microsoft!)  and seeing how very sophisticated and complex it is.  Potentially, support should be able to walk you through making it available to the other workspace but as noted, licensing may prevent viewership ... unless it is moved to something more "static" like Excel which can be set up and pinned in Teams or SharePoint ... perhaps for adoptions sake, we can get some guidance (or blog) on how to "share" the analytics report in a static or "delayed" fashion that is still functional.  

Thank you, @Stefan Fried.  Very good point re licenses.  Our team members do have the necessary licenses though.

Wow, @Ralph Rivas...thank you for your efforts and for sharing.  Thankful we weren't missing the obvious.  Will revisit the now-updated instructions.


Thanks again! 

@Kris925  - just for posterity, there were two things that came up in that call ... one was there was a check box for the "new experience" (or some wording to that effect) which originally made it hard to follow along with the support person  (buttons and wording mismatched until I clicked it) ... the second was an "assumption" that we knew what authorization type was permitted and skipped that screen selection ... now its there and with that one two, voila, report!