How do you keep people up-to-date with new features?

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Is anyone feeling the pressure to keep yourself and your people informed about the latest updates that get pushed through? 

Microsoft regularly makes changes to their products and there are some pretty significant things on the horizon that could cause a bit of noise (good and bad :grinning_face_with_sweat:) from end-users.


Do you have newsletters/lunch and learns/champion networks that you can tap into?

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Hello! I have found a lot of success keeping up with changes using this weekly newsletter: This newsletter breaks down the roadmap so well, and then we go through and determine what kind of communication we need to do for each change!

@jamielwatson nice one! That’s a great resource. 

Do you share it with others or do you pick out what’s important and pass it on?

We just shared it with our M365 Community but usually we just pick out what we think is important. We have two built in posts we do a week "Tip Tuesday" and "What Did You Learn Friday" and we use those for small changes, then big changes we do their own communications! Like the updated channels.

@jamielwatson sounds like you have a great flow to get the right info out. Love it.

@jamielwatson We've done (and do) a regular "Tip Tuesday" (not just changes, but practical quick tips) that users give through - haven't yet managed to get many users making tips yet...

I'm curious about the "What Did You Learn Friday": is specifically for sharing updates?
I've tried monthly online sessions and had a small, faithful group of ambassadors following it, but have found that messages in our central Yammer channel tend to get more attention, especially if I keep them short and to the point.

Yes our Tip Tuesday is similar, general tips and changes! For our Friday one it can be changed focused, but sometimes its just things my colleague and I learned about M365 during the week!

@Russ Herald @jamielwatson - Russ raises a good question too - what channels work best for your organisations to get the word out and do you put any specific measurement around them? 

We have an internal comms team we utilize for large changes (stream on sharepoint, new teams, etc) they typically put an article out in our all employee newsletter. We have had a lot of success posting changes in Viva Engage as well, sometimes posts get linked to the newsletter or our intranet site. And then we also have a Teams Champion community we utilize for communications.