How are you rewarding M365 Champions?

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As I am in charge of the Champions Program within the engineering company I am working for, I am constantly trying to give back to Champions who are helping us creating adoption among users:

  • Offering them advanced training sessions
  • Granting them with access to specific training portals
  • Inviting them to discussions with SME
  • Organizing monthly Champions calls and newsletters
  • Getting them a Champions logo
  • etc....

But what could I do that would be more tangible? Have you already experienced something that worked well and was appreciated by the Champions from your company? 


I plan to have a small contest quizz to celebrate the end-of-year season. What could I "offer" to the winner? What could I more broadly offer that would also motivate them be even more active in their role (e.g. give trainings to colleagues, give feedback, etc.). 


By advance thank you ! 


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A free tshirt usually nice. Print will aid your promotion of topic.

Image this, free walking advertisement. Win-Win item.

Big enough to be spotted.

I need to think of ways of giving my champions a greater incentive.  The trouble is that I don't have a budget for it because we do this training for our clients. 


Something for me to ponder over for 2021

@Meustine Consider sending out something that people can put in their signature line. Example: <Product> Champion with a badge or some image to draw attention to the new signature line item.


Also, consider creating product quizzes with certificates of completion. The certificate of completion could then be placed in the user's personnel file.


Hope that helps.

@MeustineGive the champion a platform i.e. 10-minutes in a weekly meeting to share their success story or knowledge.

@Meustine Publishing a success story showcasing a use case / process improvement / change that a champion was able to implement by influencing their circle of users. You can think of publishing these success stories on the intranet site / project site / monthly newsletter / Yammer etc.


Conduct an interview with a champion, get their story, write their story and publish the story with their picture and quotes. That certainly would make a difference.