Help your users be successful with Microsoft 365 and Office 365 with training & tips in their inbox



As a steward for your business, you’re always looking for ways to help your users get more from the technology you provide to them. We’ve heard from admins that one way to achieve this is with product tips and training content that their users can quickly use. This content often is available at the Office 365 Training Center , but users must currently seek it out themselves—and too often, they don’t.


Email for product tips and training is coming

The new email content from Microsoft will include only tips and training relevant to products and services you have enabled for your users. Be assured that we will not send your users sales, marketing, or advertising messages. 

Here is an example of a training email.

End User Email.jpg

Phased rollout

We recognize that smaller organizations are juggling different priorities and often their IT admins wear multiple hats. That’s why we’ll start by sending the email communications to subset of customers that have Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium, and subscriptions in the US and Australia.

If you are an administrator for an organization that is part of this rollout, you’ll receive a notification in the Message Center, as well as an email reminder seven days before the first training tips email is sent to your users.

Message center post.png


Admin Reminder Email.png

Please note that you will be notified by the message center before the first training email is sent to your users. All training emails will only be sent from email address.

Admin is in control

As the administrator for your organization, you’re in control. You have the flexibility to unsubscribe from these emails at any time on behalf of your organization by switching the ‘End User Communications’ setting to Off  in the admin center. You can always subscribe later by changing the setting to On.


Admin Center Window.png


Follow these steps to unsubscribe your organization from the training emails:

1. Sign In to the admin center

2. Click on Show all from the left navigation bar

3. Click on Settings

4. Click on Services & add-ins
5. Click on End User Communications

6. Change the setting and click on Save


If you leave the email messages enabled for your organization, individual users can still unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link in the email footer.

Users can also visit the Security & privacy page of their My Account Portal to unsubscribe.


My Account Portal.jpg


Security Privacy.jpg


Preview the first training email and send it yourself

Seven days before the first message is sent to users, global admins will be sent an email reminder with the opportunity to preview the content. This preview email will be sent only for the initial training content. If you prefer to send the training email yourself, just unsubscribe at the tenant level, then download a ready-to-send template from the preview email and send the first training email at your convenience.


Give us feedback

We’re always listening and learning from you. Please continue to provide feedback using the feedback button within the admin center.

8 Replies

Has this started rolling out already @Dhruv_Jain ?


I have not seen it yet in our tenant...

@Asif Rehmani Thank you for your message.


If you were part of the selected tenant group, you should have received a Message Center post on April 2nd with details of the initiative. Furthermore, you will receive an Admin Reminder email tomorrow, which is one week before we send out the email directly to your users.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions.


best response confirmed by Deleted

I would prefer to have the option to have all training emails sent to me as an administator.  Then I would have the option of forwarding to all or only employees I feel would benefit from the training.

Are there PowerShell cmdlets available for Administrators to unsubscribe our clients in bulk? @Dhruv_Jain 

Diamond, Dhruv, Thanks for the update, I must say. flatted to get the PM, your service support for Microsoft is the standard all Admins should hope to attain to, I know i train mine with that focus, so its really refreshing when another has the same approach towards myself, just like you where, straight off the batt with support, thanks. Servers are taking my time more than anything ATM so took a while to give you some personal Kudos. Thank you

@Dhruv_JainAre you able to preview or replace only the first email?  You can only opt fully out or change the first introductory email.  After that, you only find out what has been sent after it is distributed? 

@Dhruv_Jain Hi, the whole idea is great.  The only issue I see is that some users are "too busy" and they just skip emails. This is even more notorious on small organizations where there is no formal IT training, at all (4-20 ppl or something like that).


I wonder if this very same concept could be applied to this small orgs scenario, but with one and only one tip. Something that fits on a single screen. That way, I know out of experience, tend to read before clicking delete.  If they see a scroll bar the chances of an unread-delete go much higher. 


Something really really small and focused in one thing, honestly might be less ignored.  



@Andrés S I agree Andres. You want to keep it simple for the user otherwise they will just disregard it. Simple, concise and to the point. Sometimes just 1 or a couple of tips that show up on their screen and are just enough to 'help' them instead of 'annoy' them.


Email is fine for this type of tip campaign delivery. An even better way in my experience would be to provide them a tip in-context of their environment. Something like what the image shows below.

SharePoint Tip.png