Help us make it easier to adopt Skype for Business!


Hello Office 365 IT Pros,

We need your help in determining what information, tools, and features you need to take advantage of Skype for Business meetings.  Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on a short survey


Your feedback will be managed by an external and independent research agency conducting this survey on Microsoft’s behalf, under the terms of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.


To start the survey, please click here.


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Skype for Business Team 

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Is this a SfB or Skype survey, as using the Skype logo..
Thank you for making the survey available to us!
Skype for Business. Nice catch.

Hi David,

Thanks for your help!  Yes, the survey is intended primary to help Skype for Business, but we used the Skype logo as we are a single team. 


In terms of the survey ending on an Incite web page, let me look into that and correct.


Thanks again!


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Please, please, please come up with a competitive web app for external users, and that is at least as easy to use and goes full screen like GoToMeeting. Or number 1 user complaint.
Yeah that dropping into the Incite home page made me wonder if the survey was accepted. I'll watch to see if I get an email confirmation. Responded from my phone and not getting a clear "thanks for your feedback" at the end of the survey wasn't good. But assuming it was accepted, the survey was very good. Thanks!
Survey also ended a bit abruptly for me. Figured it was because I am on a Mac! Glad to see the ending was unexpected for other survey participants as well.

Terrible survey design, Doesn't show progress (how many pages left) and then just ends and takes me to -- did my answers get submitted. Pretty sloppy for a company as big as Microsoft. Sigh.

Before I can switch from GTM, my clients need to be able to schedule a meeting on my calendar and get an invitation with a link. They need to be able to change or cancel the meetings. About half my clients don't use Office 365 (and most of those who do, don't use S4B). The client they install needs to be easy to install and use (no log in required!) and I need to be able to make them the presenter.. (maybe I can, haven't looked at it recently)

Didn't know where to actually post comments in this survey so I am doing this here...and yes, very odd that we get chucked out to the incite page. 

Skype for Business just feels clunkier and slower than Skype, which obviously most users are used to hence the adoption is on the wrong foot from the start.

In addition it would really help if you could transfer your Skype contacts really easily to Skype for Business. (or is this possible by now?) This is probably the biggest hurdle in adoption for us.

When sending email invitations it is confusing for users that the link in the email actually does NOT connect to SfB but to the browser. Most forget that there is a link in the ribbon above, but why not have this triggered from within the email too?


Not sure if you are also capturing notes here.


1. 70% of my adoption problems will go away when the new Mac client is released.

2. 30% can be solved making easy to switch audio sources in Skype for Business.

Thank you all for the feedback about the flow of the survey.  We've incorporated your ideas to improve the experience.  Please keep the comments coming!



I know this sounds minor but has turned out to be one of our major SfB adoption barriers - the splash screen a5 startup! It causes untold confusion for users Unfamiliar with SfB when we deploy O365 to new customers.

Number 2, Mac support! We're aware 2016 client is on its way but still considered a barrier to adoption for organisations as a whole.

Hi Michael,
my work is 95% on spreading the Verb o SfB on our customers and deploy it, so I'm very glad to read your post on improving SfB.
There is a site where many Lync/SfB professional or users have proposed more than 500 ideas to improve SfB.
The site is

Were you aware of this site?

Hope this could help.

Best Regards