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Are you a Microsoft M365 Admin? The Microsoft M365 Message center is built for IT Admins as a convenient location to keep track of new and upcoming changes, including new and changed features, planned maintenance, and other important announcements that let you take a proactive approach to change management.

Our team is constantly looking to evolve the user experience of M365 Message center, and we want to know what you think about it! We’re looking to speak one-on-one with qualified IT Admins who are active or former users of Message center and are willing to share their experience with Message center. This is a great opportunity to help develop the future of Message center.

To indicate your interest in participating in this research, please fill out the survey below:



Below are more details regarding how to share your perspective on Message center.


  • Online interviews can be scheduled throughout the month of April for 30, 45, or 60-minute blocks.
  • Research will be conducted in partnership with PK, our third-party research firm.

Your input will provide valuable insights that will impact the evolution of Message center, so please schedule today! Thank you!

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@OwenBitas Are you still collecting responses for this survey? 

I'd like the ability to have message center notifications automatically go to a Teams channel. Or a series of channels (on per platform category).

We need a bot that can do this.
You can do this by adding the email address of your teams channel to the prefaces section in Message Center. You can customize what it sends. But it will only send to 2 email addresses. I have all major changes for a few of the MSFT products my team supports get forwarded to my MS Teams support channel. It doesn't look great - but the content is there.



My name is Troy and I have been an O365 Administrator for 8 years now.
I am currently based in Houston Texas working for a technology company.

I like the new look and feel and the changes in the Administrator Center and The Partner Center. 

It is taking some time to get used to the changes and I am currently changing my menu

by creating quick tabs that help me to find things on a daily basis.