Fighting the Zoomies - Breakout Rooms

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Driving Adoption can be hard when it comes to Teams vs. Zoom.

I try to baffle the Teams doubters with fact based knowledge - it usually works.

Currently I am trying again but need help...

We are hosting a Teams event where we want to assign breakout rooms but then easily move the same groups from room to room. Total meeting participant size will be approx. 100, 25 people per breakout room, move through all 4 breakout rooms in the span of an hour.

And go.... :)

(and thanks in advance for ANY suggestions)

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Could it be easier to have your presenters move between the four break-out rooms, rather than having your attendees do that? Mind you that my experience with BOs is very limited, so I'm going off the assumption that moving four people between four rooms will be easier than moving 100 people.

@atrain204 That is a much better plan! Thank you.

Hopefully management agrees.

In my org we have tried to used Teams BO in place of ZOOM but didn't end up adopting it given the experience. Not sure if the BO experience has changed but our biggest compliant with Teams BO is that each BO becomes a separate Teams Meeting. When the BO is over, its hard to call everyone back into the main Teams Meeting (so easy to do in Zoom). You have to go into each BO and close the meeting and there are users that would get confused on how to get back to the main Teams Meeting session. For us this user experience wasn't smooth enough yet compared to Zoom, which is why we are still using Zoom for meetings/trainings that have breakout sessions.