Feedback and requests for Learning Pathways content


I see that we can give feedback on Learning Pathways via the Github page. But it doesn't feel like the right place to discuss requests for content. 

Much of the Learning Pathways content is from I've noticed a pattern in the URL which can be used to add further content from, when the pages support it. 

For example:

"Get to know Outlook on the Web" is an asset in Office for the web training Outlook on the web.

It's URL is:


I can manipulate the URL to make it display as an embedded asset in Learning Pathways by exchanging /article for /client, and adding the operand ?embed=true at the end of the URL. 


But there are a limited number of pages that support this manipulation, namely pages that include /article. 


[Edit] It actually looks like the team at are producing the new content without the intention to make it embeddable. I say this because the URLs are different.

Take a look at the URLs in Microsoft Teams / Chat in Microsoft Teams / Send and read.

Pages such as "Send a file, picture, or link in Teams" use /office and not /article. The embed operand doesn't work, nor does it help by adding /client into the URL.

I hope this isn't a departure from making articles embeddable. 

My requests

  1. Please make all pages at embeddable so we can add them to Learning Pathways as and when needed.
    You have a great page that lists videos for using Outlook on the Web - "Learn more about Outlook on the web"
    I'd like to add it as an additional asset to the existing playlist "Office for the web: Outlook for the web". But "Learn more about Outlook on the web" doesn't support embedding. 
  2. Please create a forum in this community for discussing Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. Github is fine for developers and the /MicrosoftDocs/OfficeDocs-CustomLearning node is the right place for feedback about functionality and issues related to the app. But it's not really the place for discussing content or how Learning Pathways is used.  
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@Darrell Webster I would have to agree.  This is absolutely necessary if admins want to leverage some of the great support content already generated.  On a side note, this would be less necessary if there was a reasonable amount of SharePoint content.  To date, I don't see a single thing regarding basic SharePoint document management capabilities; it's all pages, sites and following.

How can i get the access for MS to become so easy
  • @Darrell Webster I agree, I need playlists that reflect the learning needs of the organisations I'm working with which are not as cookie cutter as those presented in Learning Pathways. There is so much great content on the Microsoft site it would be great to embed it without the whole page being included.

@Darrell Webster It works if you change the following key elements:

  • Use not
  • Use client after the language
  • Just include the article GUID
  • Last part is to use ?embed=true


Your Example would be:



Source of this info: