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We are trying to rollout SharePoint and Teams but have hit a real stumbling block with Excel filters.


A lot of our people work on shared spreadsheets and apply multiple filters. When we come to demoing this with Teams or SharePoint the issue is raised with not being able to work shared with different filters for different people. There is no easy workaround for users that I have yet come across.


What are you doing to get around this? Seems like a real oversight not to allow multiple users apply filters to there own view without effecting others.


Current they are using shared spreadsheets on a file server.

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@Mattwlkr ,


The ability to do what you are asking is in demand and has been in the works for some time; you can upvote the idea here on the Excel feedback site.


If the Excel data is static, it might be worth considering transferring it to a SharePoint list:


Users would then be able to create their own personal views of the SharePoint list (filters, etc.):


I hope some of that might help,




@Graham McHughYeah this spreadsheet is generated each day and worked on by multiple people. Creating a new list everyday isn't viable. This applies for multiple users here.


4 years and still nothing from MS.


@MattwlkrHave standard filter templates for particular tasks.  That is far easier then the insanity under the hood you are actually asking for.  You cannot have a collaborative platform that concentrates on independent design.  Excel is very customizable and that is necessary, but only if standards are applied can it not be a chaotic addition when you scale.


@Justin StrachanEnd users don't care for the complexities under the hood, If google can sort this out surely MS can.


Imagine being sat in a car and only one person at a time can use a window, I wouldn't buy this, and users aren't going to buy into excel online if they can't individually filter.

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