Enterprise mobility + Security E3 adoption

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Dear All,


We are planning to implement the features of Enterprise mobility + Security E3 across the organization.


Would like have some communication emailers to go with on an initial phase to start with the implementation. This would include the benefits/ features which it offers which can bring some kind of sense to the users as to why this is required. 

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@DineshRambade have you checked out this resource page from FastTrack as well as our Security & Compliance Adoption page on Microsoft Adoption.


You may also want to think about communicating the benefits of the platform because of the secure nature of the offerings vs the specifics of the security? Just some thoughts like -


Ability to get work done across all devices

- Seamlessly transition from laptop to mobile and keep the work going inside of Teams

(some elements of what can be done through that)

(anchored with the security of device management/protection)?



Thanks Josh for the content. It was really helpful.