email notification that a file was shared to a user... no longer gets received

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When we started with MS Teams and SharePoint Online, when I share files (even if I'm on Exchange on-premise), the recipient of the shared file gets an email saying that a "File" was shared to them (real-time).


this is no longer happening. interesting enough after a few days, a user told me that they received an email saying "shared this with you 7 days ago. If you missed it, here's a quick reminder...".


Another thing I've noticed when I share files is that One drive notification pops-up at the recipient's end but again no email notification. the OneDrive notification is not enough especially when we talk about the Users we have.


is there a way to put it back to a real-time email notification being sent by "" that I shared a file to the user?


please help, this has been going on for weeks now and we are in the middle of migrating our Users to M365.


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@gregrodolf I've noticed the same issue since a few days. 


Can I say that I do not believe that this is a universal change on the part of Microsoft because I have just had a file "Shared" with me on the Tenancy that I am currently delivering Adoption Services on and I received an email with 60 seconds of the completion of the Sharing process.  It would appear to be either a change to your Tenancy settings or an issue with Junk email filters or settings.



We have the excat same problem. When we share files from onedrive, notifications are NOT coming from but they are coming from This is happening the last 10 days. Since we dont have exchange online, those mails are getting rejected from our exchange on premise.