email notification that a file was shared to a user... no longer gets received




When we started with MS Teams and SharePoint Online, when I share files (even if I'm on Exchange on-premise), the recipient of the shared file gets an email saying that a "File" was shared to them (real-time).


this is no longer happening. interesting enough after a few days, a user told me that they received an email saying "shared this with you 7 days ago. If you missed it, here's a quick reminder...".


Another thing I've noticed when I share files is that One drive notification pops-up at the recipient's end but again no email notification. the OneDrive notification is not enough especially when we talk about the Users we have.


is there a way to put it back to a real-time email notification being sent by "" that I shared a file to the user?


please help, this has been going on for weeks now and we are in the middle of migrating our Users to M365.


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Can I say that I do not believe that this is a universal change on the part of Microsoft because I have just had a file "Shared" with me on the Tenancy that I am currently delivering Adoption Services on and I received an email with 60 seconds of the completion of the Sharing process.  It would appear to be either a change to your Tenancy settings or an issue with Junk email filters or settings.