Driving Technology Episode 1 - Driving Adoption


I thought I might share this video that I recorded about how to Drive Adoption.  The topic is specifically around OneDrive for Business, but it really applies to multiple areas.  I hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

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Thanks for sharing David and nice comparison with the military world. 

I'm currently encouraging people to use OneDrive and what I notice is that 'rogers innovation theory' kind of applies here. Some innovators and early adopters are immediately on to using OneDrive and don't use their personal file shares any more. I estimate that the early majority will be encouraged to using OneDrive once early adopters (champions) tell them about it / they visit a 'Why OneDrive' presentation.


But I wonder when will the best time be to disable the file share?

Besides technical issues ( IT in the company also uses personal file share to store favorites, quick links on desktop and sync doesn't work properly in their IT environment ) many people still rely on their personal file share. 

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Thanx for the kind words.

What I've seen work at clients is to make the transition gradual but firm. For example. As part of the change and adoption process clearly communicate to the organization that we are moving from network drives to OneDrive and why. Then set a launch date for OneDrive (even if it's been available) and do your training and advertise the launch. Then tell everyone that once the launch happens everyone should be using OneDrive instead of the shared drives. You can then make their personal drives Read Only for a persons of time (say six months). Then you remove their permissions to even read them after six months but you keep them around so that you can easily restore access. After a year without the personal drives you archive them just in case for some period (I'd recommend another year and then purge the archives.