Driving Microsoft Cloud Adoption by Data Integration


One of the most underestimated factors of adoption in the Microsoft Cloud is data integration. Providing up-to-date pre-selected data sets from legacy IT (such as on-prem SQL/ERP/CRM or file servers) and also from other clouds (such as Google, Amazon, Salesforce) directly in the Microsoft Cloud of Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics, and Azure does not only help with collaboration. It opens a lot of opportunities, such as mobile and offline access, dashboards, forms, apps, notifications, and workflows. You can even start a Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic App on legacy data change. Sounds complex - but actually it is fairly easy, with no changes in the connected systems, code-free and secure. All run under your full control as a Windows Service (locally or in your own cloud).


Many IT systems are supported out of the box with data connectivity:





Let's start driving Microsoft Cloud adoption with data integration today.


Thanks, Frank

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