Demo Tenants - new personas -v- updated demo resources

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Has anyone recently created a demo tenant (


I have just created two new demo tenants and noticed that there is a notice saying that the personas have recently been updated - which is great.


However i have checked some of the demo guides that the annoucement says have been updated to reference the new personas, but looking at the users in the tenants they are completely different user names. I have opened up a Support Ticket, but i have been playing ping pong with a support advisor who keeps telling me that not all guides have been updated and i should wait. I have tried many times (including links to the MS annoucement and a list of new users) to explain that the updated guides do not seem to relate to the users in the tenants, but they still don't understand the problem. I am wondering whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem. We use these demo tenants and guides alot and it is now frustrating. Hope someone can help!

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