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I hate starting posts with "is it just me...?" as the answer is invariably "Yep, it's just you!" but I'm struggling with the links provided in the various adoption guides. Is it just me?


I'm tryingt to get to the comms templates, countdown emails, posters etc.  I keep get pointed to the productivity library but that's not what I want at all, none of it is in the Fasttrack portal either.


I just want the official MS templates - can anyone assist with a current working link?



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Hi Mike, there are email templates and other resources in parts of the productivity library, which ones are you looking for? Here are the ones for Teams for example.


Teams Resources -Productivity Library.png

Hey thanks - im looking for the generic ones.


Things like "Hey 365 is coming" - not the product specific stuff.  

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Yes you are right, these are scenario-based materials.  This is Microsoft's suggested way of tackling adoption, using 6 core scenarios, that tally with the productivity library materials.


Microsoft 365 Six Core Scenarios.png


Outside of this there is a mix of resources available, some of which go back a few years, a more recent one though is Office 365 Adoption and awareness email templates


If you go through the Microsoft 365 End User Adoption Guide, if you haven't already, check the various resources for ideas.

It's not just you :) I was having a hard time this morning with some of the Skype resources. I finally was able to get a resource from FastTrack.

We've just updated the assets inside the Customer Success Kit for Teams.  We've added some editable posters and other getting started guides.  Let us know what you think and find it at



Perfect thanks

Anything for just email? thanks

Overall those are great assets. Really helpful, but... the workshop doc called "MicrosoftTeams-Planning-Workshop-Dec2017": I was going to use it, but it has not been updated since 15 Dec 2017 according to the in-document change control.

@Karuana GatimuIs it still accurate?

@Karuana Gatimu someone shared a customer success kit for Teams, and I am wondering if there is similar for O365 and OneDrive. Thanks.