Change Management Strategy Post O365 Rollout

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Hi ,

What are the main differences in the approach to Change Management strategy and plan in the scenarios below:

1) During O365 Rollout
2) 6 months after O365 Rollout
3) 12 months after O365 Rollout 

I will be taking over as a CM lead where O365 was implemented a year ago and the organisation has adoption challenges. 

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would you please specify the needs?


Generally, the technical change of equipments depends on the number of interfaces and the complexity and is easier to solve. [data migration, api´s]


Moreover the softchange in minds of users is the challanging part in every business. [where ever the "new" equipment should be used]. In this case, training and coaching as well as manuals for users can help to perform a strategic change management.






I don't know if it's your case, but it's worth to double check that you covered the very basics.
Have you read this whole article and all it's ramifications?

If not, make sure you do it first off all.