Champions Management Platform: valuable or too much manual work?

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Hi everyone!


I'm curious: are there people here that have implemented the CMP? I'm currently researching and writing a recommendation for our company about this. This far the information I can find is quite limited, I would love to hear more use cases from other companies. As far a I can tell from what I've found is that there's a lot of manual work for the Champions to put in and log their events/tournament progress. Which makes me doubt whether people would put in the effort to do this. I'd love to hear more about what other organizations are doing and how they're using this.


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@MandyGlim hi there! Look forward to seeing the community come and share their perspectives on the app usage.


On the manual entry - yes, that is the state of the app and we'll keep it with requiring the champion to come and add events they've worked on. We are looking to add some approval processes into the fold so that when champions add activities the manager of the solution could go and choose to approve or not / request more info / etc.



I think it's important to separate the Tournament of Teams (ToT) from the core value of the Champion Management Platform (CMP). There are over a thousand large scale customers using CMP, along with Teams and our other best practices to provide visibility and a center of gravity to their Champions. While I appreciate ToT I think it's important to note that supporting the Champions, having them be recognized and ensuring that they get visibility for their participation in driving adoption is the most important thing. There are other ways, some from our Partners, to gamify usage but a Champion's is worth their weight in gold especially when people across the company can easily find them. We have also had several customers utilize CMP to track/drive visibility for other types of Champions or Coach's across a company like for new hire buddy programs or accessibility. So the core of CMP is flexible and that is a part of its success. Thanks!

@Karuana_Gatimu_MSFT thank you for your reply and for shining your light on this some more. 

1. How visible are they - do you mean by them using a badge, or by this cmp overview of champions? The way I see it the CMP has to be added to a tab within a team, that would be the champion team then. But in which ways will this be visible for others - they'll still need to know where they'll look right (so within the champions team)? 

2. I'd be interested in seeing what this looks like for other companies - is there a possibility to get more insights on this? I searched YouTube as well, but couldn't find any use cases really, just information on how to install.. 

Another addition:
3. Can the naming be adjusted from "Champions" into a different name all over the CMP?