Champions Management Platform - tournament participants not appearing on tournament leaderboard

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I am testing the new version of the Champions platform in our test environment. I thought that the tournaments were for champions, like events, but just another way for them to learn. Now I understand after reading another question, that they are for end users. However, that didn't solve my issue. 


I (admin) started a tournament and completed a few actions and immediately appeared on the tournament leaderboard. A colleague tried a few actions and did not appear on the leaderboard. We waited overnight. No luck. Our helpdesk tried. No luck. Then, I read about how it's not for champions so I removed her from the champions list and we tried again so she was just another end user. Still, I am alone on the leaderboard. 

Any tips on how to resolve this? I do not want to release the new version into prod until the tournament functionality works. I am still not sure if I'll use it but want to make sure that it does. 

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@Deborah Wolf thanks for posting here! Yes indeed, we have a fix coming identified from others that have seen this behavior with participants not showing up.


It will be release version 2.1, which is coming very shortly! I'll respond here as well as blog post for 2.1 availability on the Driving Adoption Blog.



@Deborah Wolf we have released v2.1 which should address this issue, please load and let us know if not! Thanks!