Champion Community Content - December & January Calls


Hello everyone and thank you for attending our December and January community calls.  Attached below is the content we used to drive both meetings for everyone to utilize.  Additionally, here are the top links we discussed:


Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist online course:

Microsoft Teams Adoption Flipbook:

OneDrive Adoption Guidance:

SharePoint & Office365 Saturday worldwide events:


Our next call focusing on training assets and tactics will be on February 20th.  See you there!  

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December Content

Thanks for sharing the slides!
Looking forward to the February call

Hello guys!


I've just joined to the community! Will we get an invitation/link to our next call? Or how does it work?


Thanks a lot for your help!

I never get notification of the calls. It's only every if I've just by chance seen it on the tech community
Same here... I don't get emails either. I have been looking around the site for some setting I might have missed and can't find anything.

Thanks for this. Is there a time for the Feb 20th call? 

The times for the calls have always been 8 am PST and 5 pm PST, so those will likely be the times for February 20th as well.

Is there a place to review the recording of the January call?

In other talks you've mentioned digital badges for champions and how you were going to do a version 2.  Have you done this now?  Or could you give details of how you did version 1 please?

Hi - just joined this group.  Where can I find a link to the monthly calls?


Thanks - Karen

Disregard - I found it!
I’m still searching... please share. I would like to start attending the calls.

Best regards,
It appears a link will be posted prior to the appointment, here:

Hope to take part on the next call.

Thanks for this Andrew!
Hello, is there a date and details for a February call?
Karuana not sure what the best way to ask this question but I'm working on building a champions program for my company. I've enjoyed the topics about giving back to the champions. I'm interested in the graphic added to the champions profile. Do you have any material you can send regarding that? Thanks in advance

@Karuana Gatimu I've applied to join the Champions a few times, not had any success yet. Not sure what I need to do but each time I fill in my details I do not hear anything back. 

@Russell666 Hi and I'm sorry to hear that.  Can you PM me your email address so I can pass it on to the team.  You are supposed to receive a welcome email upon signing up and then our monthly newsletter.  Did you get either?