Champion Calls for 2021


Have the Champion Calls been moved to Tuesday? the Champion Call Resources page say next call Jan. 26.  Also the download to calendar link doesn't work, it just opens Live Event link.  Are you posting another O365 Champions Team calendar that can be downloaded?

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@Karuana Gatimu, Why did it move to Tuesday? Why isn't the link working? Why is there no calendar reminders for this????????? 2021 for this Champions call is getting off on bad footing.

Same issue here. The calendar attachment is not downloadable and the session is not available live either, only recordings.

@SusanMcClements | @Jeffrey Allen  | @Ksenija_Plankar 

Hi there!  Yes, this call will take place on Tuesday of next week and not Wednesday.  Thanks for bringing the ICS / Call info to our attention - we will fix the ICS issue and get that placed on the Resources site today.  I'll let you all know when that is fixed here in a bit with a post update.


We'll also be sharing more on that call around what our expanded schedule will look like over the coming months with topics and times so those can be known and you can plan accordingly.


Look forward to seeing you on the call!



You should now see the ICS files available off the resources page!

Again, we will be talking through what the next months of calls will look like as well and would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve. Thanks all, see you next week!


@Josh LeporatiHi, I'm new in the Tech community, where i can find dates and topics for these champions calls? Thanks!!

@sa2my96 welcome, we are glad you're here!  You can signup to be a part of our champion program here - Become a Champion – Microsoft Adoption.


Post signup you'll get some follow-up information with a resource site that contains information about past and upcoming events, resource downloads, etc.



@Josh Leporati 
Hi Josh, 

Can you please share the link to the next call or attachment? I am no longer able to locate it. 

Thank you. 

@Ksenija_Plankar - DM sent!



@Josh If you are already signed up to be a Champion, how to you get to Champion Resources? It just keeps you in a loop.

@Jeffrey Allen Thanks for the link.

@SusanMcClements I signed up for the Champions program a few months ago but never received an e-mail message, etc. about these calls.