Can you share ideas or sample agenda items for Champions kick-off meeting?

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Greetings, friends!


I'm leading the launch of a new Champions program in our organization. We are an academic department supporting the adoption of Teams and Sharepoint to foster community in our globally distributed graduate student community.


I'm about to hold our kick-off meeting. The recommendations are to "build skills in your champion community...bring them on board, conduct their initial training, encourage them to attend our courses, and make sure they are ready to support (colleagues) as they move forward in the experimentation phase."


My ask: Can anyone share agenda items they used in their Champions kick-off meeting? What did you decide to cover? How did it go? If you held your kick-off all over again, what would you do differently?


Much appreciation for your thoughts!

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@J_o_h_n   Here are some ideas that we are kicking around to use in our Champions Kick-off meeting - yet to be held. We are a large organization with a geographically dispersed group of Champions who don't yet know each other.



  • Group Introductions - Name, Department, location, M365 area(s) of interest (collecting this will help steer future training sessions), What excites user about being a Champion
  • Brief re-introduction of the champions program, why its important
    • Review of Champion meeting cadence
    • Review of the asks of our Champions
    • Review of activities they can follow to help drive adoption in their group/department 
  • Intro/overview of the Champions Team site in Teams
    • Ensure all Champions have access. If not, add them
    • Go over expectation of Team site usage (single source for all Team activities.)
      • Use conversations not Email. 
    • Go over Team site structure and content
      • channels
      • tabs
      • Files - curated documents, presentations, training templates, etc. 
  • Review of upcoming Training(s)
  • Q&A / Discussion

@Dean Virag, thank you! Sounds like you're going to emphasize training some.  Did you envision running some training in subsequent Champions meetings or pointing folks to existing videos, etc.?


I could see polling the group to gauge more about what they want to learn first and focus on that in a meeting. Some of the other topics may be best left to independent learning.


@J_o_h_n .. Yes we will probably be having a training topic in every one of our monthly meetings. Here are some ideas that we are thinking about for Champion Training:


  • What to Use and When
  • What to ask when setting up a Team site
  • Teams Owner Training
  • Meeting Lifecycle using Teams (or How to conduct effective meetings with Teams)
  • Mapping Business Scenarios
  • etc.. 

Champions can also request topics in the Teams conversation.


Hope this helps!!