Best tool for an AMA event

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I'd like to host an internal AMA (ask me anything) style event. From your experience, what's the best way to go about this in teams? Open team with users adding to the chat? Host a meeting with open chat? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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Hello Michael... I find AMA's are best done with moderated chat. Meaning a moderator can curate the questions being asked/answered. This can only be accomplished in a Live Event with the native Teams Q&A module or via Yammer. This is how we do them inside Microsoft. In a standard Teams meeting it is too hard to follow the chat in a curated manner. To provide follow up its great to host that event alongside a Team or Community. Again it depends on how big of an event you plan to do and whether or not your organization already uses Yammer and people are familiar with it. If not, and you are under 5k participants then yes, do a Team for sure. That allows you to build audience for your next event and follow up on those question you can't answer during it. Feel free to reach out with more questions.

@Karuana Gatimu thanks so much for getting in touch!! We don't currently use Yammer, which I have used in a previous company and would have been ideal. The event is happening in three languages over the course of a week. If I use the Live Event will people be able to "dip in and out" at their own pace? We're trying to think of less intrusive, but still engaging ways to connect with team members given we are all still working from home. There will be fewer than 5,000 participants. 


Ideally I could share a single URL and with one click people could be in the chat space without fuss and reading and asking questions!